December 07, 2009

My Birthday

The first meal I ate as a 24 year old was a bowl of Lucky Charms. I think that means I'm headed for a stellar year.

On Thursday night, I thought I was going to dinner at Good Stuff, but instead I walked into a surprise party at Top of the Hill. There were Hello Kitty decorations, party horns and gifts. Needless to say, I was very surprised. I didn't exactly have a cake, but I did have my very own "birthday torch."

On Friday, I actually did get to go to Good Stuff for lunch, which was excellent. That evening, Kern and I went to Cactus Cantina in Glover Park for dinner. Then it was off to the National Cathedral to hear Handel's Messiah, one of my favorite musical compositions.

We had a great time and the setting was beautiful. Kern also had fun tinkering with the self timer feature on my camera. See results below....

One of the best parts of my birthday weekend occurred the day after my birthday. Kern took me to Revolution Cycles and let me pick out a bike for my gift. I chose a Trek 3700. I have been borrowing Buck's bike for the last month and half and riding all over DC. I could not be more thrilled to finally own a bike.

While we waited to the bike to get tuned, we ate brunch at a diner and watched the snow fall. By the time we got back to the Hill, the snow had turned into rain, but I had to try my new bike out. I think it is fitting that my first bike ride was to the Capitol.

1 comment:

  1. Love the Birthday post! See how fun this is getting to keep up with all the fun happenings in our lives! I love the new bike! KERN did a GREAT job! Major props :) Don't break your paw! Love you!


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