January 12, 2012

Toasting Archer!

Archer and Henry got engaged right before everyone departed for Christmas break.  Once we all returned to DC, it was time to celebrate properly.

A few friends gathered to toast Archer at my house last week.  We had yummy treats and champagne for the occasion.

What was left of the brie pastry...I forgot to take a "before" picture.

I used the Kate Spade china that Kern's family gave me for my birthday--it was a big hit!

Lee made a "CONGRATS" sign for Archer!

Archer and Carolyn

Laine entertained the group with a great story!

Archer and me

Champagne ready for toasting in my dessert glasses

"Here's to the Bride!"

Laine, Archer and Katie

This is the first of many times to celebrate Archer and Henry!


  1. Ha! There's no telling WHAT story I was sharing that evening...but what a great post. Congratulations again, Archer :)

  2. SO fun! Wish I'd been there to celebrate!!!

  3. SO fun! Wish I'd been there to celebrate!!!

  4. Yay for Archer and Henry! Em, you sure do know how to throw a party :)


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