May 08, 2010

More to Come

I'm back! The month of April was unbelievably busy. So many events occurred--expected and unexpected. Granny Penn went home to be with the Lord. My best friend, Ashley, got married in Charleston. I celebrated another birthday with Gran Fran in Mississippi and went to Kern's sister's wedding in Brookhaven. (DROVE back to DC to bring Kern's truck). Work continued to be busy. I got to attend the First Lady's Luncheon with my boss' wife! Mississippi on the Mall planning is ramping up. (You can purchase your ticket HERE, hint hint!)

That is my disclaimer for that fact that over the next week or two I am going to try to go back and chronicle some of these events in more detail. I'm getting mentally prepared for the writing.

For now, I will include some pictures of my Saturday morning. I crossed a threshold this morning--I am officially growing my first CROP--tomato plants! Kern and I went to Frager's Harware store (DC folks, if you haven't been, I recommend the field trip) and got a container, 3 plants (2 patio and 1 roma) and potting soil. An outing in DC isn't complete without seeing at least someone with security detail. I spotted Kathleen Sebelius collecting a variety of plants.

We went to Kern's house to plant the tomatoes
Now I have to be patient and WAIT! (and water!)

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