August 15, 2013

Union Market Drive-In

I've written about our adventures at Union Market before, but they recently began a new weekly feature: a Drive-In Movie on Friday nights!

We arrived early and waited in a long line of cars, hoping to get one of the coveted parking spots!

Once we got a parking spot, we walked inside Union Market to look around and get an appetizer: Empanadas!

Old fashioned drive in calls for old fashioned cane cola and creme soda in glass bottles!

For dinner, we ate authentic Italian subs from A. Litteri.

Once the sun started to set, the magic began!

We settled into the truck cab, tuned our radio to 88.1 and enjoyed "The American President" surrounded by hundreds of our newest (and closest) DC friends.

My only regret: the guy in the car next to us brought a pillow - genius!  Next time, I will remember to bring my own creature comforts from home!

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