October 02, 2013

Mississippi Bachelorette Weekend

After a special party on Friday evening, the Mississippi/Tennessee girls that were in the wedding threw me another celebration!

Liz, Mary Jane, me, Sara Tyson, Kay and Kensy

We had a fun and girly lunch at Bon Ami then headed out to Lake Caroline.  It had been raining all weekend and then...the most glorious sky appeared!  And it cooled off.  A Mississippi miracle!

We immediately camped out on the dock and spent several hours just chatting and catching up.  Sweet baby Grey even joined us for the afternoon!  He was the coolest little dude - after a nap, he just laid on the lamb mat and smiled at all of us.  He knows he's adorable.

As the sky gave way to a gorgeous sunset, we finally peeled ourselves off the deck and got ready for fun dinner at the Mermaid Cafe.

It is so refreshing to be able to spend uninterrupted time together.  It reminds me of college days when we all just ended up sitting in Mary Jane and Liz's room for hours and hours doing nothing in particular.  Little did we know that the time we invested in one another then would continue to pay dividends in our ability to easily pick back up where we left off.

Mary Jane and her mom made the most delicious sugar cookies!  The were decorated with phrases like, "Mrs. Hoff" and "Emily and Kern."  And THEN...there were Hello Kitty cookies!

If you're on instagram, we've been using the hashtag #emilyandkern2013 for all our wedding related photos.  Liz started another one this evening:

Why yes, yes she is!  And she is very excited!

Another big thank you to all the girls for making me feel so special and loved all weekend!

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