September 18, 2014

Shaking up Style and Breaking the Rules with Mondani

I was born a rule-follower.  I enjoy neat lines.  Order calms me.  Rules make sense.

However, there are exceptions to every rule!  Even for this self-proclaimed follower.

Modani, a modern furniture store, designed a "Five Design Rules to Break" challenge.  While I could pick more than one, I'm going to focus on 
#1: Stick to one Style.

It's no secret that I love antique, country-esque furniture and drool over neutral and pastel colors--these themes dominate just about every space that I have ever decorated.

When Kern and I moved into our spacious 700 square foot apartment, I had to select each piece carefully--I did not want every inch to be filled with furniture.  The more I worked with the existing floorspace and the pieces I already owned, I realized that I was drawn to more modern, sleek pieces to balance out the heavy antique-y wood.  Initially, the "keep everything matchy" voice in my head made me nervous to purchase what I truly loved.

I was worried that this modern coffee table would look harsh or strange paired with my painted wood furniture but  I was pleased at how it didn't fight with those furnishings and instead the glass top of minimalist metal legs made the space feel bigger.

The biggest challenge in our small space is getting adequate seating to hold a crowd.  I love having friends over, but the couch and two accent chairs fill up quickly.  There is blank space underneath our window that would be perfect for a bench.

Enter: Modani's Savina Bench in white.  It's the perfect compliment: minimalist design but still has the lovely tufted element on the seat. I am envisioning this as perfect extra seating with a crowd and a makeshift ottoman for my little gray corner chair.

I could also see myself balancing snacks on the leather top!

One of the strangest aspects of our apartment is that the living room has no overhead lighting.  Before I sound like I am complaining about it, let me clarify: I dislike overhead lighting because of the strange angles and shadows that it casts.  I love the soft glow of a good lamp.  There is already one floor lamp in our living area and one small table lamp, but one can never have too many options for good lighting.

That's where the Modani New Tuco White Lamp comes in!

It's simple and practical--it doesn't take up a lot of floor space but the curved shape allows the concentrated light to hang over exactly the right spot--perfect for reading!

Modani has stores all over the U.S...and they are getting one in DC soon.  I can't wait!

The best part about designing a space is making up your own rules.  When it comes to piecing together a room I adore and feel comfortable in, I consider comfort, storage and versatility, but the overarching rule that ties each piece together is that I love it--not the fact that it's all the same style or pattern. 

Have you found this to be true in your own homes?  What encourages you to make bold decorating decisions?

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