September 13, 2010

Project time!

Mom and I are famous for our projects...everything from scrapbooks to cooking to organizing (well, I guess that would be me forcing mom to organize...but that's another blog). We decided to embark upon our first furniture re-doing project. Mom just bought a new duvet for my room at home and we wanted to repaint the side table to match the pinkish flowers in it. So we....

sanded the old table (note the lovely water mark)

primed the drawers and table (I got primer in my hair and couldn't get it out for 2 days!)

painted the first coat of "St. Charles Street" (repeated again)

Mom and I found adorable new hardware at Anthropologie. Here are my cute
parents drilling new holes in the drawers

Finished! I wish I had a better shot of the duvet, but trust me, it matches perfectly!

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