September 09, 2010


I'm spending a few days in Mississippi doing a combination of work and play...of course trying to squeeze in as much play as possible. It's so good to be in the Magnolia State for a few days without a pressing agenda. No weddings, engagement parties, major holidays...not that I don't LOVE all those things, but they leave less time for sitting, talking, and drinking coffee with my family.

I surprised my dad on Wednesday night by showing up at his office unannounced. I told him that his birthday present was arriving a week earlier...then...I arrived! Today I went to Christ Covenant Pre-school where my Mom teaches and got to meet her class--adorable! After lunch at Beagle Bagel, I told my mom I keep getting excited whenever I see a Mississippi license plate, then I remember..."Oh, I'm in Mississippi...not in that's normal."

Mom and I have started our first furniture refinishing project. We are taking a side table that's in my bedroom, (I use this term lightly...I suppose it could also be "the room I sleep in when I'm home) sanding it, and painting it "St. Charles Street"--a color that matches the flowers in the new Pottery Barn duvet Mom just bought! I will post pictures of all the stages once we are done!

On Friday afternoon, Dad and I are going to tackle the golf course and enjoy some Father/daughter time. I made sure to pack my mint green and white golf shoes along with a matching Lilly outfit--I have to look the part even if I'm a pretty terrible player. (Looking legit is 90% of it, right?)

On Saturday, I will go with Mary Jane to her final wedding dress fitting! I was able to be in Jackson for her last fitting too...special times! I'm so excited for my best friend--she will be married in just a little over a month!

Then on Sunday, it's back to the cit-ay and Congress is back in session next week! I doubt I'll be ready to leave Mississippi, but I will be ready to see Kern! And...I'll be back in a month!

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