December 09, 2010

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

I am a HUGE fan of all seven of The Chronicles of Narnia. I love each book, have cried through each book, and learned from each book. If you have not read the series (or have not read them since childhood) I recommend reading them. C.S. Lewis paints such a wonderful picture of God's love for his people and the sacrifices that he makes for us.

If you think you are too "old" to read these books, I present to you one of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes: "Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." These books are wonderful for any Christian who desires to see God in a new and fresh light. After re-reading the series again in my early 20's, I felt my relationship with the Lord grow stronger because I began to understand that God is a God of mystery, but all of his ways are higher (and better) than ours. I began to see God as a fierce protector and lover of my soul. I reconfirmed my knowledge that he loved me like a daughter.

If you aren't ready to dive into the books (I promise they are quick, easy, fun, PERFECT holiday reads) go and see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader--it is coming out on December 10th. This is the fourth book in the series and if I had to pick my favorite, the Dawn Treader might be it!

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