January 11, 2011

An Adult's Adventure to Disney

Since I'm a quarter century old, it was time to go to Disney World again! Fortunately for me, one of Kern's best friends from growing up was getting married there in January so it was the perfect excuse to visit a couple of theme parks. We arrived in Orlando on Sunday evening and got up bright and early for Magic Kingdom on Monday morning.

Day One: Magic Kingdom

The Christmas decorations were still up on Main Street!

Buzz Lightyear ride in Tomorrowland. Kern had about 100,000 more points than I did...

Kern in front of the Speedway

Super pumped for the teacups!

After Kern spun me, I felt nauseous for 30 minutes.
Guess that's part of the experience?

Minnie's house!

The steam engine train that goes around the whole park

Ah, Cinderella's castle

The Castle at night before the fireworks

The fireworks were my favorite part of the day.

Main Street at hour 13 of our Magic Kingdom adventure

Of course I had to make on last stop in the confectionary before we left...
had to get a snack for the ride home!


I really enjoyed the World Showcase. I like shopping in Japan, eating in France, and going on a Viking adventure in Norway.

Soarin' and the GM Test Track were two of the best rides we went on all week. Soarin' consisted of feeling like you were hand gliding across American--complete with a misting of orange scent over an orange grove in Florida and the "wind" whipping through your hair! The GM Test Track let you experience a taste of what all cars go through to pass safety inspections. We then went 60mph around the track!
As a child, I barely remember Epcot. I associated it with a giant golf ball.
Boy was a I wrong!

I went to England and made a call!

Yep, that's the Eiffel Tower behind Kern.

Wedding Festivities Begin!

Brittany and Sam at the rehearsal dinner in Downtown Disney

Mr. and Mrs. Sones depart the wedding in Cinderella's coach pulled by 6 white horses!

The Disney wedding pavilion

Sam and Brittany

Kern wanted a picture with the horses

The cake--complete with a glass slipper!


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  1. OMG I'm so sad I didn't know you were doing this but AMAZING!!! :) Love this! Em let's talk soon!!!
    Love you!


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