January 16, 2011


In order to properly usher in Katie's quarter century, we rented a bus and drove all over DC. The evening was enhanced by Charles' iPod and the leftover glasses from Elvis' birthday party! Our driver approved of the jams being played as she could often be seen boppin' back in forth and singing as we cruised the District.

Ready to go! Next time, we will remember to bring a sweet DVD for the TV.

Lainey and Charles--our DJ's!

Carolyn and Jordan

The Birthday Girl, Laura and Meg sporting their Elvis glasses

Kern and me--yes, I am wearing one the silk scarves given to me by Elvis the night before!

The Birthday Girl thanking everyone for coming

The crew in front of the Lincoln Memorial

The guys in front of the Capitol

"Core Group" - the six of us all moved to DC about the same time in 2008 and we've been making it happen ever since...

Kern (draped in Elvis' scarf) and me doing the classic prom pose in front of the Capitol

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