June 28, 2011

Old White Dry Bar, Part Two

On Saturday afternoon and evening we put the finishing touches on the dry bar. In order to make the piece look "professional" we used dark and clear wax to enhance the "worn" finish.

Home sweet Home!
The dry bar is back in its corner of the living room.
I decided to leave the original hardware. I painted two coats of Old White on it and used sandpaper to rough it up. Next, I used a dry cloth and dipped it in dark wax, smeared it over the metal and wiped it away.
Once I had the color I liked, I sealed it with clear wax.
The overall finish is a comfy, worn in look.
Once we had waxed the entire piece (2 coats) we used medium grade steel wool to buff it until it was perfectly smooth and shiny.
I enjoyed randomly distressing parts of the piece and making it look
old and loved.
Special thanks to Frank Sinatra, Mumford & Sons and James Brown for providing hours of excellent music while we worked. I would also like to thank 'We the Pizza,' 'Sweetgreen,' and Ben and Jerry's for providing food for us in our time of hunger and sugar cravings.

This was the perfect weekend project. I highly recommend Chalk Paint to anyone who wants a professional and original finish to their furniture. It comes in 24 different shades and I cannot wait to buy my next can and start another project!


  1. OMG Love love love!!!! LOVE! It looks so great there - wow Em - nice job!

  2. Looks great! I just did my first ASCP project this weekend and all your posts were very helpful. So glad I ran across your blog, Emily!

    Emily Bridges (used to be Moore...in Josh's class)

    1. Thanks, Emily! Great to hear from you :)

      What did you paint?! I would love to see a picture!


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