July 01, 2011

If you need help with Furniture Waxing...

I've received several questions recently on the waxing portion of my furniture refinishing. I, too, was utterly intimidated by the thought. I also didn't fully understand the concept. Since I am still a neophyte in this area, I thought I would share with you two helpful videos that essentially taught me how to use furniture wax. Let me say this too: there is no teacher like that of experience so my advice is to learn all you can through reading and watching, then...just...do...it! If you mess up, you can wipe it off. If you really mess up, just paint another quick layer of chalk paint over it and voila! You have a clean slate again. Or better yet...work your "mess up" into a unique feature of your piece. That is the beauty and freedom of painting.

I would like to introduce you to two inspiring ladies who have much more knowledge on painting than I do. (We all have to start somewhere though!)

Shaunna West of Perfectly Imperfect:

Miss Mustard Seed:

I am going to be embarking on more furniture projects in the coming months--I am addicted now! So stay tuned for more revivals.

Have a Happy Fourth of July weekend!

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