September 02, 2011

New Dining Area

I feel like this furniture project was much more labor intensive that I initially imagine, but I learned a lot and could not be more happy with the final result.*

I learned how rewarding it is to take something deemed "old" or "unwanted," add your own personal touch and a little sweat equity and watch it transform into a piece that you love and feel connected to was created by you.

I learned to keep going when I felt tired, my back and arms ached, and I was attacked by ruthless mosquitos.

I learned that mistakes can be erased or made into a unique flaw that gives character to the piece.

I learned that my obsessive list-making skill actually aided me in completing these projects.  I kept a "master list" of each step needed to complete the dining area and I would check it each day.  Depending on how much time I had per day, I would decide a task I could complete.  As a result, I was able to work on the projects during the week instead of waiting for a whole free weekend.  (Example: While dinner was cooking, I could paint on coat on the table or scotch guard the chair cushions while also doing laundry and cleaning my apartment)

I learned the importance of a partnership.  I could not have completed this project without help and support from Kern.

Come over and sit for a while!

I chose a blueish/gray color for the cushions.  It is hard for me to get away from blue!  I consider this color a neutral and think it will match with most any other color from brown to red in future settings.

Can you see the difference dark wax makes?  The table and chairs are both Old Ochre but the chairs have dark wax and the table only has clear wax.  I wanted them to be in the same "family" but not perfectly match.

Come over and have dinner on my Topiary plates!

Do you see the dry bar in the background?

*I am going to remove the finish on the table and stain the top a dark wood color

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