September 19, 2011

A Run through Washington, D.C.

So I talk fairly often about how I love my early morning workouts.  I thought I would take you along with me today!  I carried my phone and snapped a few photos.  So put on your virtual running shoes and join me!

Kern and I meet on the corner of 2nd and Maryland Avenue at 6:15am.  It's dark!

Passing the Capitol on my left while running down Constitution Ave.  Still dark!

The city is starting to wake up!  This is a view from the Mall of the Capitol at about 6:30am.

This photo is from the same spot--the western view.  The sun had not reached the Washington Monument yet! 

Hooray! 2.5 miles complete.  Good morning, President Lincoln!

I mean...just gorgeous!  Look at those clouds.

It is silent when I wake up and get moving and by the time we get back towards the Capitol grounds, cars are whizzing by, dogs and owners are everywhere and people are walking from the metro to their respective federal building.  Ah, the city!


  1. This is so awesome! Makes me so wish I lived in a city like DC!

  2. Em you're amazing what a fun post! Thanks!


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