January 23, 2012

Celebrating Katie Korb

There's really no better reason to celebrate than a friend's birthday.  And...if you can stretch out the celebration into two weekends it is even more fun!

We had two parties for Katie Korb this year--the first get together was at Kern's apartment.  A crowd of us got together and watched football, Kern made jambalaya and Laura made a cake! 

Make a wish, KK!

Now cue a Madonna song...

This past Saturday night we dressed up in our finest 80's gear to celebrate the decade that Katie (and the rest of us) were born.  It had that good "college swap" feel, which was fun!

Katie Brenda the skier meets MADONNA!

I just don't understand why puff sleeves aren't in right now...

Laine has a neon bird on her ear.

Mary Ellis came from her jazzercise class.

Charles played pool with Cyndi Lauper and Madonna

Happy Birthday, Katie!

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