January 25, 2012

Every artist was once an amateur

"Every artist was once an amateur" 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

When I think of "artist" I often equate that with "painter" but thankfully this term can apply to a broad range of abilities and jobs.

As a "twenty-something" it is tempting to often feel overwhelmed because of the rapid changes that occur.  Graduate college. Find a job. Move cities.  Get an apartment. Learn to cook, shop, play on a budget.  And these are just some of the big ticket items!  There are thousands of small growth points littered throughout day to day life.

It is easy to look at older role models (which all young people should) and feel inadequate.  The important thing to remember is that at one time that person was experiencing similar struggles and trials and that is what helped him or her to become who they are today.

"Every artist was once an amateur" reminds me to keep doing the activities I enjoy, even when I make mistakes.  For example, I started painting my book case last weekend.  I've got the first coat on it and I'm nervous about implementing the distressed finish idea I have in my head onto the wood.  I need to muster up the courage to just do it this weekend...and if I hate it, I can paint over it!  Or...sometimes I get frustrated when my cooking doesn't turn out flavorful enough.  I remind myself to tweak my ingredients next time and try again.

It is the "amateur" moments that add up to equal experience.  How can you succeed if you don't even try?

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