February 15, 2012

Pick a Fight

"I was thinking about this motto, pick a fight, and it dawned on me: prayer is picking a fight with the enemy.  It’s the way we engage, the way we advance.  Prayer is the way we drawbattle lines.  Prayer puts us on the front lines. It’s the way we go from defense to offense. And when we get on our knees, the Lord starts fighting our battles for us!"

Mark Batterson, author of The Circle Maker

Kern and I are starting a new Bible study with some friends where we will read The Circle Maker.  Mark Batterson is a pastor in DC and lots of our friends attend his church.

My roommate, Holly, sent me this quote and I read and reread it several times.

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by all the bad things going on.  The news cycle constantly reports devastation, crimes against children, and scandals.  I read about human trafficking or hear a story about people who don't have a place to live or food to eat.  I instantly want to be involved in helping people in these situations.  This quote came at just the right time, because while I cannot fly to a foreign country to help feed the hungry or give humanitarian aid, I can do something just as powerful: PRAY.

I often wonder why I tend to put prayer on the back burner.  If you asked me about the importance of prayer, I would tell you it was the most important part of my relationship with God.  If I had to be totally honest, I sometimes treat it like it's not.  I get tired or busy or indifferent and don't bring my requests to God.

Have you ever heard someone described as a "prayer warrior"?  I hope that I can be someone who people can count on to pray for them.  Let's all commit to get on the front lines for our friends, for our "hard to love" people and for people we don't even know.

God hears and He cares deeply.  Now it's up to us!

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