February 14, 2012

What time is it in Sao Paulo?

You're probably expecting a Valentine's Day post today, right?  I do love this and am celebrating allllll day long by eating way too many sweets, but in the meantime, other exciting events are taking place!

It's a monumental week for one of my best friends, Ashley and her husband, Michael.

Ashley was one of my original DC roommates.  I only have a few friends like her--she is always ready to listen, quick to offer good advice and promises to pray for me, whatever the circumstance.  She is a constant source of encouragement.  She never shies away from speaking the truth.  She is the epitome of a lady who is beautiful inside and out.

Ashley married Michael, who has also become a dear friend, in April of 2010.  They moved to San Francisco, but we have kept in touch and seen each other several times since then despite the distance.  Michael is a lawyer for Jones Day and just got transferred to their Sao Paulo office--a dream that he and Ashley have been pursuing for some time now.  As sad as it makes me to know they are so far away, I am so happy for them.  I have no doubt that they will take the city by storm and rise to any challenge they are presented.

In tribute to their new city, I added Sao Paulo to my "World Clock" page on my phone, so I can always know what time it is there.

If you want to follow their adventures or read up on how they got to this point, please visit Ashley's blog: Jeans & a T-shirt.

Farewell, friends!  See you when I step off the plane in Sao Paulo at some point...


  1. This just warms my heart. Bombshelter for life. Love both of you girls SO much.

  2. EMILY!!!! This is so amazing thank you so much! You are such a dear, forever friend and we just can't wait to host you here! I love you and love this post. xoxoxox!!! ash


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