March 22, 2012

Dining in Lincoln Park

Kern and I decided to swing by Sweetgreen, pick up dinner and eat it in Lincoln Park on our way to community group last night.

I got the Chic Pea salad with tahini dressing!

We watched dogs play.  I saw 4 french bulldogs!

We even split a cup of Sweetflow yogurt with strawberries, chocolate chips and coconut shavings.

Excuse the scary eyes...but this is what I look like tearing around town on my beloved bike.  It's the best!

Spring in DC reminds me of the trip I took during in high school (in 2003) when I decided I wanted to intern when I was in college and possibly move here.  It's been nearly a decade since that trip and here I am!  As I say after a long day of work, "Living the Dream!"

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