March 30, 2012

Ladies who Lunch

I ran out the door this morning only to realize I forgot to make my regular salad.  I wasn't too upset considering I was really needing a change from my regular go-to lunch.

I called Carolyn and she and I headed to Le Bon, a little French cafe, by our office to pretend we were lunching in Paris for a few minutes!

It was the perfect way to celebrate Friday.

After much patience, we scored the window seat, complete with the perfect view of friendly yellow daffodils, blue bistro chairs and the big "Love" pillow on the window seat.

It got me thinking: I really should try to eat lunch away from my desk more than once every two months.

If you work, where do you eat lunch?  Are you always hurriedly scarfing food at your desk or do you take time to sit outside if the weather is nice or use the lunch hour to spend time with a friend and catch up?

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