June 26, 2012

The Happiest of Hours: Pacifico Cantina

Summer's long daylight hours and warm evenings are the perfect recipe for a rooftop restaurant.

Barrack's Row on Capitol Hill has a new kid on the block - Pacifico Cantina - and I was anxious to try it out especially because it boasts a huge outdoor seating area upstairs.

View from the street: You can just see the friendly red umbrellas peeking over the edge of the upstairs.

Fresh guacamole served in a huge dish with house made chips.

High tables with plenty of seats!

The rooftop deck is the length and width of the restaurant

I ate a pulled pork taco with pineapple salsa.  It was a bit spicy, but I enjoyed it.

All in all: the atmosphere was perfect (the cool breeze can certainly be thanked for that), the food was yummy and of course I had superb company.

Cheers to starting the week off on the rooftop!

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