September 05, 2012

Time to Breathe

Occasionally I like to take a few hours out of the busy week and spend time alone.  My favorite getaway spot in the city (shhhhh don't tell anyone) is...
The National Gallery of Art!

Earlier this month I made my way down to the National Mall, up the giant stone steps and into the museum.  A perk of museuming alone is the option to choose to precisely what one wants to see.  For me, that meant my first stop was browsing the gift shops' lovely selection of Italian stationery and stopping at the cafe and for coffee and cinnamon crumb cake.

This lovely waterfall was my view from the cafe table.

I make my "Museum trip" to the Art Gallery at least once a month.  One of my "rules" is that I will only tour one gallery per visit.  There is so much to soak in--colors, history, texture, stories--I find I can take it in and remember it better if I stick to one time period or one artist.

And of course, since the museum is so close to my house, I can always come back when I'm fresh and ready to absorb more fantastic works--or just people watch.

I bought a token of my fun outing--a Monet inspired bookmark.

Do you have a "happy place?"--somewhere you can go to relax, recharge and get away?

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