November 13, 2012


The Ladies at Lexington Place decided to host the First Annual Friendsgiving this year.

Thanks to an organized email chain and a stellar excel spreadsheet, a meal amongst nearly forty hungry people was executed perfectly!

The rules were simple: everyone bring a food item that could feed 8-10 people.  A few guys volunteered to do the was magical.  I forget how much I love typical Thanksgiving fare until this time every year.

Clay, Kern, Will and Buck

A little porch sitting before the meal: Charles, Laine (she's BACK!), Carolyn and Jordan

Carolyn, Laine and me
We missed you, Katie B!

The girls did an amazing job seating the crowd - there were tables and chairs for each person along with a lovely place setting!

Libba and Laine


Once everyone was seated, we took turns going around the room and sharing something that we were thankful for from the past year. 

After the meal, some of us gratefully lounged on the couch while digesting.  It was definitely the sign of a successful meal!

Kern, me, Charles, Matthew and Laine

A big thank you to the Lexington Place girls!

I hope "Friendsgiving" becomes an annual tradition.  Next year, I'll be sure to fast the week before...


  1. This makes me very jealous and wish I was in DC!!! ahh I miss you!

  2. Looks like a great party. Hope all is well. We miss you guys.



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