November 19, 2012

Ray LaMontagne at D.A.R. Constitution Hall

The first Pandora station I ever created was Ray LaMontagne.  (Can you even remember Pandora now that Spotify is the cool music listening medium?)  That illustrates my point -- I've loved his music for a long time.

It has always been a goal of mine to see him perform live and when I heard he was coming through DC, Kern and I snapped up tickets quickly.  In fact, we bought them so long ago, I almost forgot about it.  It's hard to believe it is mid-November already!

The concert was everything I was hoping for -- Ray and a simple backdrop of old doors and some basic lighting.  His music speaks for itself.

Afterwards, we left D.A.R. Constitution Hall and strategically happened upon McDonald's for some burger and fry bliss.  Why does it only taste good after 11:00pm?

They even have a George Washington print in this Micky D's--appropriate, I suppose, since it's across the street from the White House.

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