March 08, 2013

In the Hopper....

Just when I think I have all my furniture throws me a curve ball and suddenly--I have two new pieces!

Kern and I recently drove to Richmond to pick up two dressers from Josh and Lee that belonged to my Granny.  I remember seeing them in her home (the house my Dad grew up in) as a child and I feel honored to have them in my home now.

So where can I put these pieces in my already full apartment?  Cue a day and a night of fast and fun rearranging and reorganizing--two of my favorite past times.

The taller chest found a home in my bedroom--I moved my French Linen dresser to the side of my bed.

I'm on the look out for a small lamp to add some light to that side of the room.

My lovely dry bar has found a new owner, and in her place is now the other dresser.

So the million dollar question: will I paint these?

I believe the answer is yes.  It's hard to tell from the photos, but the tops of both have several bad watermarks and rings.  The taller dresser is missing hardware and has several loose handles.  With my father's blessing, I am definitely leaning towards painting.  Without question, they need refinishing.

They are good quality--dove tailed wood drawers and the frames are still sturdy.  And of course, the sentimental value makes them true treasures.

Some quick thoughts:
-I'm considering trying out Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint
-I usually leave the original hardware on pieces I finish, but since some of the handles are already broken, I'm going to keep an eye out for some fresh hardware.
-I definitely want to paint the insides a fun color

Are there any Annie Sloan Chalk Paint or Miss Mustard Seed colors you've been curious to see on a piece of furniture?

1 comment:

  1. I cannot get enough of the duck egg blue & french linen. I think it would be fun to open the drawers and find english yellow inside! I know whatever colors you decide, they will be beautiful!


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