May 06, 2013

French Brunch at Le Diplomate

I wish I could claim to be a more avid reader of the Washington Post on a daily basis, but I would be lying if I said I read it every single day.  Thankfully, Kern is a thorough reader...even of the Wednesday Food Section.  He saw a review for Le Diplomate - a new French restaurant in Logan Circle and immediately sent me the link.

My response: "When can we go?"

We arrived Sunday morning, 10 minutes before Le Diplomate opened, but we were seated immediately at the perfect booth - we had a view of the entire restaurant and we were able to sit next to each other.

The decor immediately transported me to Paris.  The bistro chairs, the tile floor, a gorgeous display of freshly baked was magical.

First order of business was to order the pastry basket and coffee.  We split each pastry, taking careful time to doctor it appropriately with either fresh butter or scrumptious strawberry preserves.  For me, it was a tie between the blueberry muffin and chocolate croissant - but each bite was delicious. 

By 10:30 am, folks were lined up outside and we were thankful for our cozy booth and perfect timing.

For my main dish, I ordered a French classic: Croque-Madame.  It was everything I expected and more.

The finale was Creme Brulee.  For your entertainment, please see the before and after shots.  

Can you see the tiny vanilla beans in the bottom photo?

The verdict: I will definitely return.  My inner Francophile was fed, entertained and left happy.

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