May 02, 2013

My Mother, the Artist

When I rearranged my room and sold some furniture, I had a blank wall that needed to be filled.  I began perusing the internet for a fun art print that I could frame to bring some color and spunk to this otherwise bland wall.

Then I had an idea.  

Over the last couple of years, my mom has been tinkering with watercolor in her spare time.  (As in...teaching herself how to paint.)  She is constantly looking for inspiration from flowers to still scenes.  It occurred to me: why not get her to paint a picture of one of my favorite photos?  It was a win-win...a project for her and wall art for me that would be much more meaningful than a random print.

I chose this photo that Kern and I took using a self-timer at the Shore during our Easter break is 2012.  It has always been one of my favorites - a gorgeous sunset taken on the pier with just our silhouettes.  

Well, my wish was granted and I love the painting more than I can explain in this meager blog post.
After several attempts that she did not like, Mom declared that her pieces was "ok."
I adamantly disagreed and immediately commanded that she have it framed.
(I'm nice like that.)

So...she did.  And now my wall is not forlorn and barren any longer.  

Isn't that just how mothers are?  Giving and giving beyond what we ask or imagine.
So, thank you Mom.  I love it.  It will always remind me of you and your limitless talents.

Happy Mother's Month!

1 comment:

  1. Obsessed!! This is so beautiful AND special! What a talented mama you have!!


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