September 30, 2013

Jackson Engagement Celebration

The engagement season has been sweet for many reasons.  Some of our most treasured moments have been times when we have been surrounded by family and friends.  My parents’ friends hosted a party for Kern and me in Mississippi recently and it was a wonderful evening of hugging old friends and a fun opportunity for Kern to meet people that have been important to me over the years.  It is humbling to be in the presence of so many folks who have known me my entire life—many of whom have loved me throughout my childhood and taught me in Sunday School, shepherded me in high school and who still deeply care about me—and now us.

A dear friend I have known my whole life (and who I used to take art lessons from as a child!) painted the fabulous Mississippi canvas!

My best friends' mother painted the tandem bicycle watercolor painting of us.

There were lovely "E & K" signs everywhere!

The beautiful Linda Richards puts some final touches on the food table!

My favorite people!  Dad, Mom, me, Kern, Jody and Greg.
Kern almost looked at the right camera!

These girls!  Liz, Sara Tyson and Mary Jane were there to help us celebrate!

Sweet grandparents--where would we be without them?

All the siblings, minus Josh and Lee!
Kensy, Kay, Chris, me, Kern

My Gran Fran--lovely as ever!

Mom, me and Aunt Susan

And lastly, Greg and me.  He and I are ready to cut a rug at the wedding!

Words are truly inadequate to thank each person who had a hand in making the evening one we will never forget.  I get sad when I think about the party being over...until I remember that we get to celebrate again at the wedding!

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