January 30, 2010


I have heard of people putting their pets on webcams so that they have the ability to observe them from afar, but until this week I have never had any personal experience with this phenomenon. I say personal...not that I have a pet that I am sharing with the world...but because I have really enjoyed watching one particular family of bulldogs.

Ustream features all kinds of animals--even people in deer stands hunting. If dogs aren't your thing, you can watch cats...or giraffes.

Another interesting feature of Ustream is that is allows you to know exactly how many other (crazy) people are watching the same pets. I don't think the Pelto bulldogs have had less than 50 viewers the whole time I've been watching them and as I type this there are 95 viewers. Since there are 1o puppies, something hilarious or cute is usually happening. So enough description...check them out for yourself!

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