February 01, 2010


Kern here. Where my people at! Where my people at! Make some noise! Everybody scream....Always wanted to say that. Anyway this is my attempt at teaching Emily how to upload and embed video. Much success! The only problem we ran into is the sideways video. Couldn't figure out how to rotate footage.

Not bad for the first try. What you see is Emily, in front of the Capitol, on sled, trying to take out small children. And topping it off with some lame cheerleader move. But she was doing work on the sled.

In closing, we come to the portion of the program where I plug my blog. It will launch February 21. Buyer beware. I've got my safety off and I'm makin withdrawals. So remember, check ya boy @ www.setfiretoreason.blogspot.com. No one is safe.

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