February 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kern!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - to my favorite person and best friend - KERN!

The federal government has honored Kern today by giving us the day off work. We are spending it relaxing and celebrating!

I made Kern a coconut cake--it only took me two attempts to get it right. I used his grandmother's (Miss Dolores') cake recipe and ended up using my grandmother's (Gran Fran's) Fluffy Frosting recipe. I may or may not post the story of my cooking disaster first round attempt of the cake and icing later this week.

Anyway, the final product was a huge success!

"Happy Birthday to you!"

This morning, the birthday came over (post workout) for a birthday breakfast of homemade biscuits, fried eggs and bacon. I made him wear the birthday hat and glasses.

My parents and Gran Fran gave him a vintage Coach briefcase.

My gift to him was an espresso maker, special espresso shot glasses, a coffee grinder and Illy brand coffee, but I let him open it early so he could enjoy the coffee all weekend.

A successful birthday requires a mid-morning nap to recharge for part 2 of the day!

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