October 14, 2011

Boston: Mike's Pastry, Cambridge, Boston Commons

On Saturday night, we hung out in the North End.  I waited in line for almost 30 minutes at Mike's Pastry.  Mike's is famous for it's homemade cannoli--they have tons of flavor options.

It was so packed I couldn't even see into the cases until it was time for me to order!

Victory is mine!  I got my Mike's box.
After a delicious dinner of Italian tapas, we made our way to a park to dig into the cannoli.
I got espresso (for Kern), chocolate creme and florentine (nutty/cinnamony cream)
Tired but happy: I have left over Mike's and a Boston Christmas ornament (see paper bag on top)

On Sunday morning, we took the T to Cambridge to see my cousin, Amanda, who is a 2L at Harvard.  We had brunch and Amanda showed us around campus.
Amanda, her friend Jess, and me

Sunday afternoon was spent doing a little shopping (ok I had to see the Boston Kate Spade store) and then walking around Boston Commons.

I loved watching the ducks!

Can you see me?

Every city I visit, I purchase a Christmas ornament for my tree.  The ornament I got from Boston showed the scene behind us: The George Washington statue in Boston Commons.

Make way for Ducklings!
Don't I fit in?
On the walk back to our hotel, we stumbled upon "Occupy Boston."  From what we could see, we were just glad we weren't a part of it: a women juggling fire, kids running around, people yelling...and people sleeping in tents.

Nevertheless, it was an experience.  Especially when we were asked if we wanted to join the group...we politely declined! 

Tune in tomorrow for the last segment of our Bostonian adventure!

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