October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Painting

The past few years I have labored in my pumpkin carving: scooping out the insides, sorting through seeds, almost cutting myself with sharp knives...only to have the squirrels eat my design or the inside to rot and mold within a week.

This year, I wanted to enjoy my pumpkin.  Inspired by a few of my favorite blogs: Perfectly Imperfect by Shaunna and The Lettered Cottage by Layla, I decided to paint my pumpkin.

I was already painting a side table and a lamp (those reveals later) so it was no trouble to slap a few extra coats of chalk paint on my lovely little orange pumpkin.

Layer 1: Chateau Grey, Layer 2: Louie Blue, Layer 3: Old Ochre (basically I just used the cans I already had open and layered the colors)

Is there anything that Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint can't do?!

 I'm not really into scary jack o' lanterns or weird designs.  I don't decorate for Halloween per se, but more for FALL.  So...I decided an owl would be perfect.

I traced the design on my pumpkin with a pencil and then filled it in with black acrylic paint. I freehanded a branch for the little owl so he would have a perch.

Kern wanted to draw the face and body on the owl.  He used a white paint pen.

The final touch was a crescent moon...what would a fall art scheme be without one?

Have you carved or painted a pumpkin this fall?


  1. So fun Em!! This year my roommates and I decided to decoupage our pumpkins. Hopefully they will turn out as cute as yours! Love you and miss you!

  2. Yay! Send me some photos and I will post them! the only bad part about not carving was not eating seeds...but it was much easier to clean up! :)


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