February 05, 2014

My Bridesmaids' Luncheon

In keeping with my love for all things French, my bridesmaids' luncheon was held at Anjou, a French restaurant in Ridgeland.

Gorgeous blue and white vases with roses and hydrangeas adorned each table set with silver chargers and antique linen napkins tied with silk ribbon.

The place cards were sugar cookies decorated to look like French perfume bottles and my chair was set apart with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

The biggest surprise came towards the end of lunch when I was presented with a scrapbook that all of the girls had put together for me!  The pages showcased moments of our lives reaching back to junior high and some as recent as this year, complete with notes from each person.

I spent the rest of lunch going from table to table and laughing with everyone and recalling hilarious memories together.

When I reached the back of the book, I noticed a clear plastic sleeve heavy with...gift cards?!  The girls had hosted an "Across the Miles" surprise shower for me.  Since we were all so far apart, there had not been an opportunity for a shower to be held at a physical location.  Instead, Mary Jane sent out an invitation that asked for cards and gift cards to be mailed to her to "shower" me from a distance.

It was so thoughtful and practical, I was stunned.

The Luncheon was the perfect kick off to a fun-filled and special weekend with so many people who mean everything to me!

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