May 15, 2014

Gran Fran's 90th Birthday

It's not a secret that my grandmother (known to all as Gran Fran) and I have a special relationship.  Her presence is in many of my earliest memories and she has had a profound influence on my life.  In April, this special lady turned 90 years young.  She is truly an example to so many people and it was fun to celebrate her birthday surrounded by her loved ones.

My mother and aunt dreamed up an incredible carnival themed party that made the day truly special for all involved. Gran Fran was the "ticket holder" and in order to play games and get snacks, each person was required to get tickets from her.  This small act kept the children excited and engaged and it was fun to watch them asking timidly for more tickets.

My extremely talented mother hand painted and created these photo back drops in theme with the circus.

The Strong Man, the Shark, the Mermaid, the Pirate, the Trapeze Lady and the Robot.

The backyard was decorated with tables, chairs and balloons.

My Uncle John really dressed up for the occasion!

We missed Lee!

The beanie baby toss was a big hit!

The mermaid was my favorite!  Can you see the message in a bottle?
Hint: it's on the top right!

I can't tell if Josh is the lion or is getting eaten by the lion...

It was a honor to celebrate Gran Fran with this party!  
I can't wait to see what the 91st birthday party will be like!

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