May 14, 2014

Paris: My Top Five

There are so many wonderful aspects of Paris--the scrumptious food, the intricate architecture, the fascinating culture and the historic sites.  It is hard to narrow all the experiences that Kern and I absorbed during our travels down to just five, but I wanted to share our favorite memories--especially if you happen to be planning a trip yourself!

Number Five

Relaxing in the green chairs in Luxembourg or Tuileries Gardens

By mid-afternoon most days, we were ready for a break but did not want to go back to our hotel.  We found the perfect medium--relaxing in the gardens!  There are several great ones in the city--and it's a treat to put your feet up and people watch.

Number Four

Dinner and Walking in the Neighborhood of Montmarte

Montmarte is one of the districts on the outskirt of the city, but we made our way there three different times during the week because we loved the feel so much.  It's local, a little artsy and just plain cozy.  The view from the top of the cathedral is wonderful (it's the second highest spot after the Eiffel Tower).

Number Three

Climb the Arc de Triomphe at sunset

It was very easy to get to the Arc and although we did have to climb a steep spiral staircase, we were rewarded with spectacular views and enough space to actually take it all in and enjoy.

Number Two

Tea at Hotel Le Meurice

This tea date was a gift and it was one of my favorite afternoons.  I would recommend going early afternoon for a late lunch--with the knowledge that you can eat a very light dinner.  Each bite of food was incredible and we had a great time just taking in our surroundings and savoring the experience.

Number One

Fat Tire Bike Tour of Versailles

Kern and I both love to bike ride, but a combination of the perfect weather and great tour guide with the background of the majestic Versailles palace made this excursion our favorite day.  Even if you're not a big bike rider, the relaxed pace makes it easy to keep up.  We would have been much tireder if we had tried to walk even half the distance that we biked!

So there you have it!  Of the hundreds of experiences, these five were our favorites.  Have you ever done any of these?  Which one could you see yourself trying?

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