May 13, 2014

Paris: Everyday Moments

I have read about France for years--books involving the history, blogs discussing the style and cookbooks sharing secrets of high quality meals.  Before Kern and I left for our trip, I wondered if the Paris I would see with my own two eyes would look anything like the visions of Paris in my mind.

I was pleased to see that many places and lots of the people looked just as I had imagined.

There were women dressed very fashionably walking everywhere in heels.  Men and women were wearing berets.  Everyone (and I mean everyone) smoked.  Most of the cars were tiny (compared to American standards) and motorcycles, mopeds and bikes were very popular. Kern and I did not see one pick-up truck!

Paris is bursting with WOW moments--from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre to the majestic gardens.  There are also plenty of quiet moments if you have the eyes to notice: a mother with her child, an elderly couple walking hand in hand, children playing rambunctiously with one another.

I made a point to notice these occurrences--on the metro, while walking down the street and during meals at outdoor cafes.  I know that I will remember just as many "everyday" moments as much as I will recall the stunning views from the Eiffel Tower.

I had read about the importance of the baguette in the everyday lives of Parisians and I was so pleased to see that they truly do value their bread.  Everywhere we went, we saw locals with one (or two!) baguettes tucked away carefully into a bag or held underneath their arms.

Paris is truly a special city and I enjoyed being able to observe some of her quieter moments.

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