February 08, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010

The Washington, DC area experienced a snowsaster over the weekend. Beginning on Friday evening and not letting up until Saturday evening, approximately 26 inches of snow fell on our city.

On Thursday evening, I tried to go to the grocery store, but to no avail. Parking was nearly impossible and upon entering the store I found there were no shopping carts or baskets. The lines went from the cash registers in the front of the store to the seafood section in the back. People were hoarding everything from cheetos to frozen pizza to milk. I had to meet a repairman at my house so I left empty handed because I did not have enough time to stand in line.

Work was cancelled on Friday. This was convenient because I was able to move my 7pm haircut appointment up to 10:30am and check that off my list. From there, I tackled the grocery store again to find similar conditions as the night before. Thanks to my trusty list and cool head I made it out in about an hour and a half. Fortunately my next West Wing DVD had arrived on Thursday, so Kern and I spent the early part of Friday evening completing the next disk and made a fantastic homemade pizza.

Before the blizzard began, we walked down to 413 E Street and watching figure skating with our friends and played with Cooper, Katie's new puppy. The blizzard began at 10:30pm...

The next morning, the ladies of Lexington Place invited people over for breakfast (from now on I may refer to their house as Snowah's Ark) and I ended up staying over there all day...watching a movie and playing in the snow and sliding down the slide Mary Ellis, Holly and Ben created in the backyard.

Mary Ellis at the top of the second part of the slide.

Our new friend: Snowbama! He likes to snowboard...

Snowpile! Stephanie, Mary Ellis, Holly, me, Natalie and Erin

Even the snow plows had a warning message: BLIZZARD!

The National Mall

Washington Monument and the Smithsonian Castle

View from the Senate side at sunset.

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