February 07, 2010


Happy Birthday, Allison!

To celebrate Allison's 23rd birthday, we went to Vapiano in Dupont Circle. This was my first experience at Vapiano and I loved it! As soon as you enter the restaurant/bar, the hostess hands you a CHIP card.

The food and drinks are all in a huge square in the middle of the restaurant and there are different stations--insalate, pasta, pizza, antipasti--you are free to walk up to any counter and order your food, at which point the chef asks you to scan your card over a small touch pad. At the end of the night as you exit, the hostess scans your CHIP card and you pay for your total. Genius! This eliminates the hassle of dividing the tab, people forgetting what they ordered, and allows freedom to come and go easily. Once you order, they give you a pager that vibrates when your food is ready.

Vapiano was packed on Thursday night. We had a great time celebrating Allison's birthday!

I got bruschetta!

3 fun Ladies! Allison, her Aunt Diane and her mom, Debbie

All of 506: Emily, Allison and Cathy

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