October 20, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend got married last weekend! I addressed her birthday card with her new last name and already changed it in my phone. The whole weekend was fun and a perfect reflection of Mary Jane and Greg.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will attempt to recreate the weekend
with photos and captions.

The bridesmaid's luncheon was held on Friday at the Fairview Inn in Jackson.
This is the "Mississippi Girl"picture
Constance, Kimberly, Mary Jane, me, Jordan (and Baby Peanut), Rhymes, Sara Tyson

My mom made the wedding cake cookies. They were fantastic!

Matrons, Bride and Maid
Lizzie, Sara Tyson, Mary Jane, me
My three best friends!

So many years of friendship

The rehearsal dinner was held at Plantation Commons in Madison.
Constance, Sara Tyson, MJ and I have grown up together at First Pres and all went
to Ole Miss together.

Kern and me

Exquisite bride

My sister!

The older I get and the more weddings I am in the more I am able to grasp the true gravity of what a wedding means.

Les Newsom, my RUF campus minister, performed the homily. He read from Revelation and discussed the end times. Take a moment to see the passage here. This may seem odd to do at a wedding, but he explained that a wedding points to the end times—where God is united with his BRIDE, the CHURCH. He told Mary Jane that the reason we are all drawn to her beauty is because we hope that someone would love us and see as beautiful too. The glorious truth is that someone does. And that someone is the Creator of the Universe. The most important person that could possibly care for us. And he knows everything about us—our thoughts and actions—past, present, and future. And he rejoices in us. Marriage is meant to point us to this ultimate reality.

As I stood next to Mary Jane and Greg juggling two bouquets and trying not to drop Greg’s ring, I could not help but cry! At the reception, a friend asked me what was wrong with my eye. I replied, “Oh…I was crying!” It was such a surreal moment to watch a friend that you have gone through almost every growing pain with commit the rest of her life to someone.

Another highlight of the weekend was that Ginny Owens sang at the wedding. If you have never listed to Ginny, I recommend downloading some her albums! She sang “Be Thou My Vision.” The song was even more meaningful because Ginny has been blind her entire life.

Time for a quick touch up!

The reception was held at The Cedars--an art museum in Fondren. It was a perfect venue--half indoors and half outdoors.

Mary Jane and Greg and the groom's cake!

Outdoors at The Cedars with Kern

Liz and Hunter Maynard

My Mama and me

The garter was hard to find...but Greg persevered.


Off to Cancun!

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  1. Oh my goodness I almost cried myself reading this post! Love your recap of the wedding and the homily. Miss you Em! Maybe we can talk this week/weekend? Love you!

    PS - You are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!


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