October 28, 2010

Support Dr. Mick Zais for State Superintendent of Education

If you live in South Carolina, make sure you vote for Dr. Zais next Tuesday!

Not only is he the father of one my best friends, Ashley Zais Harper, but he is extremely qualified for the job and would be an amazing asset to the state.

A letter from Senator Lindsey Graham:

Dear Friend,

I have traveled across the country and throughout South Carolina the past several months campaigning for Republicans who could help take our state and nation in a new direction.

I believe one of our best and most qualified candidates is Dr. Mick Zais - candidate for South Carolina State Superintendent of Education.

Mick is a retired general, a former college president, and perhaps most importantly, a former classroom teacher.

Mick is ready to reform education by providing safe and clean schools with strong classroom discipline, directing resources to the classroom and away from the bureaucracy, and empowering teachers and parents.

With the election next Tuesday, Mick needs our help immediately.

Mick's opponent, a former Clinton administration official, is well funded due to his deep roots in Washington and his access to wealthy out-of-state donors.

But I am confident that Mick's campaign will be successful because the parents, teachers, and taxpayers of South Carolina are fed up with the status quo in education.

The choice in candidates could not be clearer:

Mick Zais has been a classroom teacher.

His opponent has not.

Mick Zais has led a school and turned it around.

His opponent has not.

The education challenges we face in South Carolina have been around for many years: a high school on-time graduation rate that needs significant improvement, classrooms that are severely lacking in discipline, and taxpayer dollars wasted in bloated bureaucracies. These challenges make it difficult to train a highly skilled workforce that will attract industry and put South Carolinians back to work.

We can change this dynamic if we elect leaders with integrity, principles, and the fortitude to do what's right. And that is why we all need to step up to help elect Mick Zais.

I know Mick will apply the leadership and organizational skills that have contributed to his success in the military and higher education to the problems that plague our elementary, middle, and high schools. The job will be demanding, but Mick has never shied away from hard work. And with your support, I know he can get the job done.

Mick can win next Tuesday, but he needs your support now in order to share his message with even more South Carolina voters before Election Day. Won't you please join me in making a contribution to Mick's campaign today?

South Carolina's school children deserve the best we can offer them. I believe strongly that Dr. Mick Zais is the right leader and candidate for the job.

Please remember to vote next Tuesday.

Yours very truly,

Lindsey Graham

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  1. EMILY PENN thank you so much for this post!! :) Love it! Love YOU!


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