October 13, 2010

The Tapestry

God is the weaver
of an eternal plan.
He is blending us into
the grand design.

Like brilliant threads
in a tapestry,
Lives are combined to
form one family.

Who can unravel
threads already in place?
Or trace them back
to their original space?

We must learn what we
can and think it not odd--
That you and I
together are in
the plan of God!

Marcia Penn - 1999

My mom wrote this poem over 10 years ago. She and I are both very picture oriented and love to draw parallels between physical items and thoughts. I often think about the "Tapestry" that is my life and when I feel frustrated it comforts me to know that I can only view the back of it, while God can see the end result from the front side! The knots that tie off one stage may look ugly from the back, but from the front they end at the exact right point to make the picture look perfect. 

In Romans 8:28 we are promised: "...that for those who love God all things work together for good." 

Instead of being angry at God when my life doesn't seem to work out exactly how I want it to, I am thankful that He knows the bigger picture and trust that he is orchestrating all of the events that take place in my life to work together for my greater good.


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