July 20, 2011

Side Table, Part I

This side table is the perfect size to fit in between two chairs in my living room.  I've had it since I moved into my apartment 3 years ago...and I'm tired of the boring brown wood!  I decided it was the perfect piece to spruce up and to practice my Chalk Paint technique.  It was also small enough to be portable...yes...I took it (and all my supplies) with me to the Eastern Shore and started the process.  The side table then took a staycation in Olde Town (Virginia) while I house sat and I finished it there.

I invite you to watch her transformation today and tomorrow!

BEFORE: plain jane brown wood and a matching piece of hardware

View from the above: you can see her top is already slightly distressed

Coat one of Annie Sloan's "Old White" chalk paint.  I'm still using the same can I  opened for the dry bar.  It lasts!
Don't fret if the first coat looks splotchy.  Once it dries, sand it down, and paint the second coat.  Remember: no priming!
The streaks will disappear once it's dry and give the object a smooth look.

Still the first coat.  I decided to make the drawer POP and painted the inside and sides "Louis Blue."
Louis has a lavender tint to it--gorgeous.


On to the second coat!  Side Table is really enjoying her vacation at  the Eastern Shore.  Nothing like painting in your bathing suit and enjoying some sunshine!
Note: Keep in mind that chalk paint is meant to give a natural and hand painted finish, not a perfectly store bought and lacquered look.  I think the finish is charming!

I did one coat of Old White on the top and used sandpaper to take off most of the paint.  I decided I wanted the top to look "natural." I also used sandpaper to distress the hardware (which I had painted--remember chalk paint does metal!) and the sides and legs of the piece to give it a "loved" look.

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