May 23, 2012

The Candy Show: Sugar High

The Candy Show was my favorite day.  I have been a candy-obsessed person since I was a child.

I remember sitting in the dentist office as an elementary aged girl after just receiving the news that I had my first cavity.  I was so upset.  I silently vowed to never eat another piece of candy again because I was so ashamed that I had a cavity.

Well, that vow didn't get kept, and perhaps I should have been vowing to brush my teeth more thoroughly anyway...but...that's a discussion for another day.  All that to say:  All kinds.  Chocolate, gummies, sour, bubble gum...if it has sugar, I've probably tried it and liked it.

May I now present to you...the Candy Show!

My new friend: a giant Peep Marshmallow!

Jody and Greg in front of the Peep Bug.

Lindt chocolates!

Furniture + Food = my dream!
This chair was decorated with actual candies.

This is a 10 foot replica of Chicago's famous Cloud Gate sculpture and was made with 120,000 Jelly Belly beans and chocolate dips.  It was assembled by the French Pastry School "After School Matters!" group.

Everywhere we turned, there were monstrous displays of every type of candy you can imagine.

Jelly Beans!

Lemon head!

This is the view of the floor from the upstairs lounge.
Can you see the giant Hershey's kiss?

Kitty and Kitty

French candy!
I think I look good as a red head?  Kern should definitely consider a mustache. 
We left feeling ill (or at least I did from sample overload) and I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and brush my teeth, but it was a very successful day!

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