May 24, 2012

Go Cubs Go!

You can't go to Chicago without experiencing a Cubs game! 
(if it's baseball season)

We arrived at Wrigley Field early enough to watch batting practice.

Jody and I got comfortable in our seats while Kern and Greg stood at the bottom trying to catch baseballs.

Father & Son

They were successful!  Both Hoff men got a baseball.
I can now add another to my collection of baseballs that Kern has caught for me.

Wish Kitty came along too!

Cubs vs. Braves

We watched the sun set - beautiful!

The row houses surrounding Wrigley have box seats built onto the roofs.
You can rent them out for a group event or party.

As the sun set, the fog began to come in...
...on little cat feet.

Souvenir!  The best kind.

The whole gang - it got chilly that evening!

Towards the end of the game, the fog was in on Lion Paws.

Wrigley still manually changes the score.  They also play old school music at the game, which I love.

Go Cubs Go
Go Cubs Go
Hey Chicago, what'd ya say?  Cubs are gonna win today!

I was singing like a local!

Complete fog!

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