May 22, 2012

The Food Show in all its GLORY (+ video)

It's hard to describe the immense vastness of the Food Show.  So what could be better than a video to illustrate the mad rush at the "opening bell."

Here's my brief interview with Kern:

Some scenes from the show:

pretty produce!

bread, bread and more bread!

Yep, a giant potato on an 18-wheeler flat bed

Jody and I enjoyed a bacon wrapped glazed donut hole

Taquitos!  mini hot dogs!  hamburgers!

And yes, there was a VitaMix booth.  And yes, I got a photo with  one of the blenders.
I had to explain to a confused VitaMix staffer my extreme love for the device.  He couldn't understand why I wanted my photo with a blender.  (I guess that's a good question)

Food Show Day 2: the best nutelle crepe I've ever had.  I think it had something to do with the chef's waffle hat.

super burger!

Red velvet hot chocolate

There were hundreds of display cases filled with gorgeous tempting treats 

Coca Cola was there with multiple Icee Machines - throwback to childhood!
More scenes from the Candy Show tomorrow!

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  1. YUMMMMMMMMazing! :) Love this post Em. Thinking of you lovie!


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