May 30, 2012

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

The Fourth Annual trip to Cape Hatteras, NC commenced over the weekend and everyone had a great time.  We relaxed on the beach, cooked and ate delicious food and enjoyed one another's company.

Scenes from the Beach:

Hoff, David Hasselhoff

Matthew enjoyed the shade in my new Calypso CABANA

Cooper enjoyed the beach this year...from the plush front seat of the 4Runner.
Hims a beach doggy!

Charles and Julie

Sunday started out with a bit of the natural course of action was to buy equipment to make a sand castle!

Daisy wanted to help by burrowing in the sand.

Let the construction begin!

"This is what designers do at the sand castles." - GCC

TA DA!  "Sand City" is finished - moat and all!

Beautiful, beautiful beach

Scenes from cooking and eating:

Bob brought his special cooking pot and did a low country shrimp boil on Friday night to kick off Matthew and Charles' birthday week!

The boys getting the boil ready

It was sooooooo good.

There was a 3 layer strawberry cake for dessert!

On Saturday night, Matthew fried beer battered flounder to perfection.

And yes, those are homemade hush puppies.

Hunter and Katie
Stop by tomorrow for sunrise photos!

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