July 20, 2012

Back down South

I spent last weekend in Mississippi, celebrating the marriage of my brother and Lee.  The weekend was filled with family, delicious food and plenty of activity.

The men kicked off the weekend with a game of golf.  Gran Fran's house backs up to the second hole, so Mom, John Murray and I walked outside to see the boys take a few shots.

Top Left : : My Dad and Uncle John
Top Right : : Josh watches John Murray take a few swings
Bottom Left : : Kern, Josh and John Murray pose with their clubs
Bottom Right : : Potts' boys - Chris and Jay
Saturday evening was a special party honoring the newlyweds at the Bridgewater Clubhouse in Madison.  I had the opportunity to visit with so many dear friends--from my former preschool teacher to my parents' co-workers to my best friend.

Josh and Lee

Of course a trip to Jackson would not be complete without Mary Jane and Greg!
I wish I had more photos of the remainder of the weekend (including two wonderful days in Brookhaven) but the truth is...I was having too much fun to stop and take photos.

I need to work on having fun while taking pictures.

But sometimes you just have to live in the moment!

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