July 16, 2012

Summer Tablescape

Happy Monday!

Kern and I are still in Mississippi today.  Since we are traveling, I wanted to share my travel-themed tablescape today.

One of my favorite ways to "scratch the creative itch" is to change up an easy element in my house, such as a table top design.  I usually try to use items I have on hand, which makes the challenge even more fun.  I walk around my room and dig through boxes in my closet--just looking for the perfect prop.

Photo 1: : I turned travel tags into napkin placards and free-handed the monogrammed initials for each roommate.

Photo 2 : : Wolfe birds look perfect and add whimsy to any occasion.  Also...an antique key that probably opens a door in a fabulous Tuscan villa in Italy.

Photo 3 : : McCarty pottery filled with sea shells from North Carolina.

Photo 4 : : I already had the cornflower blue napkins as well as both ribbons in coordinating colors that I used to tie on the name placards.

You can do this too!  It is fun to "shop" your own house.  Make it a game--look around and move sentimental pieces that have been hiding on a shelf to the forefront.  You will enjoy looking at your belongings in a new light and feel like you bought something new.

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